Son Sales Navy Classic Cuff Links, Elegant Sterling Silver with Polymer Service Branch Insignia with Bullet Action Attachment

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Subtle and understated elegance describes these sterling silver Navy cuff links.
  • Boldly features the US Navy insignia
  • Made from .925 sterling silver
  • “Bullet” cuff link actions
  • Made in USA
Made In USA


Subtle and understated elegance describes these sterling silver Navy cuff links.

The pair features high contrast Navy insignia panels with vibrant jeweler’s polymer and bullet cuff link actions.
  • Boldly features the US Navy insignia
  • Made from .925 sterling silver
  • “Bullet” cuff link actions
  • Made in USA
Son Sales, Inc. located in Beverly, Massachusetts was founded in 1985 and provides specially designed Military jewelry for the Armed Forces and professional services. Military Rings jewelry features a classic elegant design with superior quality at an affordable price. They provide military rings, pendants, cuff-links, key rings, bracelets and Tie Tac’s for the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, Masons, Fire Department, Fire rescue and EMT. All Son Sales products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Caring for your jewelry is easy, with normal wear and proper care your jewelry will keep looking like new for a long time. We have created this basic jewelry care guide to direct you in the proper care of your jewelry. We hope that you'll find these guidelines helpful.
  1. Take off all jewelry before entering water, including showers, tubs, swimming spools, lakes, oceans, spas and saunas, and before washing dishes. Moisture on jewelry often leaves dark water spots that are difficult to remove without damaging the finish of the jewelry. Both gold and silver can tarnish from it and water can leave residual water stains on your jewelry.
  2. Remove all jewelry before using any type of household cleaning solution. Chemicals that come into contact with jewelry corrode it, removing the finish and leaving a white residue.
  3. Put on jewelry after applying perfume and hairspray, as these substances can build up on jewelry and cause discoloration. In addition to dulling the shine of jewelry, the ingredients in perfume and hairspray build up in the crevices of jewelry, trapping dirt and dust. This creates a dark appearance difficult to remove if not cleaned regularly.
  4. Store all jewelry in a lined jewelry box to limit exposure to air, which can discolor it over time. Exposure to air causes jewelry to tarnish, leaving dark stains on the metal surfaces.
  5. Avoid wearing jewelry while exercising or during other activities that cause sweating. Sweat and certain body chemistry discolor some jewelry. The discoloration occurs when the sodium from perspiration dries on the jewelry. Over time, this sodium buildup causes an overall dullness to metal surfaces.
  6. Clean the jewelry on a regular basis to remove substances that could discolor it. Wash the jewelry with warm water and mild soap. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach crevices. Rinse the jewelry well, and dry completely with a towel. Using warm water is the best bet when cleaning your own jewelry. How water can cause reaction with the cleaning fluids resulting in discoloration and Sterling Silver is especially susceptible to this problem. Should this occur, this problem can be remedied by buffing and with an application of a tarnish remover.
  7. A polishing cloth is great way to clean and bring out the luster in your jewelry. An excellent product for gold, silver, brass or virtually any metal.
They provide a 100% limited lifetime guarantee against defects of material and workmanship. If any of their products are found to be defective in any way they will repair or replace them free of charge. It is unlikely you will ever have a problem with their jewelry. They can be reached toll-free at 800-235-7064. Their mailing address is Son Sales, Inc., 100 Cummings Center, Suite 422-G, Beverly, MA 01915.

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